Sunday, March 4, 2012

Theatre de L'absurde

    One of the best nights of our trip was the last one, because the French-speakers in our group got to go see a play that we had read in class, La Cantatrice Chauve, which, translated into English, is “The Bald Soprano.” Written by Eugene Ionesco, the play is completely absurd, much like its title. Not much of it makes sense, but it pokes fun at the English Bourgeoise class, and it’s an incredibly interesting viewing experience!
    The theatre we visited was nestled in this alley:
The Theatre de la Huchette was a tiny place - here are pictures of both the exterior and interior, from Wikipedia and, respectively:

     An interesting fact about the theatre, though, is that its absurd productions have been sold out for over fifty years! I was quickly able to understand why - the actors were fantastic, and the show was hilarious. To quote the third act: “Comme c’est bizarre! Comme c’est curieux! Et quelle coincidence!” How bizarre! How curious! And what a coincidence! It was a great time, and a wonderful way to conclude our trip. 

Friday, March 2, 2012